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Interactive Computational Mathematics Tutorial

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Computational Mathematics Tutorial Introduction 4:11

Linear Algebra (60 minutes)

Learn the basics of solving linear systems in MATLAB.

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra 1:35
  • Solving Linear Systems 16:26
  • Eigenvalue Decomposition 22:44
  • Singular Value Decomposition 14:55

Solving Ordinary Differential Equations (60 minutes)

Learn to solve ordinary differential equations (ODEs) numerically in MATLAB.

  • Introduction to Solving Ordinary Differential Equations 4:57
  • Numerical Solution to ODEs 18:21
  • Solving First-Order Systems 13:11
  • MATLAB ODE Solver Options 17:15

Data Fitting and Working with Nonlinear Equations (50 minutes)

Implement data fitting methods and analyze nonlinear equations in MATLAB.

  • Introduction to Data Fitting and Working with Nonlinear Equations 1:56
  • Data-Driven Models 27:16
  • Solving Nonlinear Equations 18:29