MATLAB Academia Tour 2013

  • Accelerating the pace of learning, teaching, and research with MATLAB

Featuring Loren Shure

Attend this free half-day event to learn techniques to bridge the gap between theory and practice and discover how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers. Each event in the series, to be held throughout Europe in April and May, will include technical presentations and product demonstrations by Loren Shure, Ph.D., principal MATLAB developer at MathWorks.

Every day, thousands of engineers, mathematicians, scientists, professors, researchers, and postgraduate students in academic institutions worldwide rely on MATLAB and Simulink to provide a powerful and flexible environment for teaching and research discovery.

Tour locations and dates

United Kingdom

London, University College London 9 April
Norwich, University of East-Anglia 11 April
London, Middlesex University 12 April
York, University of York 17 April


Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart 23 April
Darmstadt, Technical University of Darmstadt 24 April
Munich, Technical University of Munich 25 April


Vienna, Vienna University of Technology 29 April
Graz, Graz University of Technology 2 May


Zurich, University of Zurich 7 May
Basel, University of Basel 8 May


Lyngby, Technical University of Denmark 15 May


Uppsala, Uppsala University 17 May


Riga, Riga Technical University 21 May


Oslo, University of Oslo 23 May


Oulu, University of Oulu 29 May
Oulu, University of Oulu 30 May

About the Presenter

Loren is a principal MATLAB developer and has worked at MathWorks for more than 26 years. She has co-authored several MathWorks products in addition to adding core functionality to MATLAB. Loren currently works on the design of the MATLAB language.

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