Display input value using two-state graphical elements


Blocks in the LEDs library use graphical elements to imitate light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Each block reflects its input value by setting one or more graphical elements to an on or off state. By default, the number of LEDs in the on state is the rounded value of the block's input. If the rounded value is nonpositive, then all LEDs are in the off state. If the rounded value exceeds the number of LEDs, then all LEDs are in the on state. To learn how to use and customize blocks in this library, see LEDs Library.

Blocks in the Library

The LEDs library contains ActiveX® Control blocks preconfigured with ActiveX controls from Global Majic, as shown.

Dialog Box

The ActiveX Control Properties dialog box governs the appearance and functionality of the control that is embedded in the block. The table below lists the panels of the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box.

BackgroundConfigure the background and outline of the block
LEDs/GeneralDefine the number, arrangement, and behavior of LEDs on the block
LibraryRefer to property settings as a named collection
StyleDefine the appearance of LED graphical elements (The LEDs/General panel uses the LEDStyleID property to reference the styles defined here.)

The Block Parameters dialog box governs the relationship between the Simulink® block and the control embedded in the block. See Block Parameters for the ActiveX Control Block for details.

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