Unmeasured input disturbance model


indist = getindist(MPCobj)


indist = getindist(MPCobj) retrieves the model of unmeasured input disturbances used by Model Predictive Controller object MPCobj. The output model, indist, is a discrete-time, delay-free, LTI state-space (ss) object.

This command is most useful when a default input disturbance model is being used and you want to review its structure.

If MPCobj.Model.Plant includes nd > 0 unmeasured disturbance inputs, MPCobj must include an unmeasured disturbance model with nd outputs. This model, in combination with the output disturbance model (if any), governs how well the controller compensates for unmeasured disturbances and prediction errors. You can specify this model using the setindist command or by setting the MPCobj.Model.Disturbance property directly. Otherwise, the controller employs a default model. For details on the role of disturbance modeling in Model Predictive Control, see Controller State Estimation.

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