Open the SimMechanics block library




sm_lib opens the SimMechanics™ block library in a separate window. Double-click a sublibrary to view the blocks that it provides. The table summarizes the purpose of each sublibrary.

SublibraryUse to Model
Body ElementsRigid body geometry, inertia, and graphical appearance
ConstraintsKinematic constraints on the relative motion of two rigid body frames
Forces and TorquesGeneric and specialized forces and torques acting on or between rigid body frames
Frames and TransformsFrames and their spatial relationships
Gears and CouplingsSpecialized gear constraints between rigid bodies
JointsConnections between rigid bodies with desired translational and rotational degrees of freedom
UtilitiesMechanical and simulation-specific parameters for an entire mechanism

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  • Use sm_lib to open the SimMechanics block library from the SimMechanics command line.

  • sm_lib loads only the SimMechanics block library, so you do not have to wait for other Simulink™ libraries to load.

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