Techniques for Adding Blocks to a Model

You can add a block to a model in several ways.

MethodWhen to Use
Create an Instance of a Library Block in a Model
  • You are not sure which block to add.

  • You do not have a model that uses the block you want to add.

Add Blocks Using Quick Insert

You know the name of the block or part of the name of the block.

Copy Blocks from a Model
  • You have a model that contains the block you want to copy.

  • You want to replicate many of the parameter settings of an existing block.

Add Blocks Used Recently
  • You want to add a block that you have recently added.

  • You are working on models that share several of the same types of blocks.

Add Blocks Programmatically
  • You want to replicate most of the parameter settings of a block.

  • You want to add the same block to several models.

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