Summary Statistics

Measures of central tendency, dispersion, shape, and correlation


geomean Geometric mean
harmmean Harmonic mean
trimmean Mean excluding outliers
range Range of values
iqr Interquartile range
mad Mean or median absolute deviation
prctile Percentiles of a data set
quantile Quantiles of a data set
zscore Standardized z-scores
moment Central moments
skewness Skewness
kurtosis Kurtosis
corr Linear or rank correlation
cholcov Cholesky-like covariance decomposition
corrcov Convert covariance matrix to correlation matrix
partialcorr Linear or rank partial correlation coefficients
partialcorri Partial correlation coefficients adjusted for internal variables
grpstats Summary statistics organized by group
tabulate Frequency table
crosstab Cross-tabulation
tiedrank Rank adjusted for ties

Examples and How To

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