Wavelet Packet Analysis

1-D and 2-D transforms, wavelet packet spectrum, optimal wavelet packet tree, best level analysis


dwtmode Discrete wavelet transform extension mode
wpdec Wavelet packet decomposition 1-D
wpdec2 Wavelet packet decomposition 2-D
wprec Wavelet packet reconstruction 1-D
wprec2 Wavelet packet reconstruction 2-D
wpcoef Wavelet packet coefficients
wprcoef Reconstruct wavelet packet coefficients
bestlevt Best level tree wavelet packet analysis
besttree Best tree wavelet packet analysis
entrupd Entropy update (wavelet packet)
wentropy Entropy (wavelet packet)
plot Plot tree GUI
wpviewcf Plot wavelet packets colored coefficients
wavemenu Wavelet Toolbox GUI tools
wpfun Wavelet packet functions
wpspectrum Wavelet packet spectrum
cfs2wpt Wavelet packet tree construction from coefficients
depo2ind Node depth-position to node index
wp2wtree Extract wavelet tree from wavelet packet tree
wpcutree Cut wavelet packet tree
wpsplt Split (decompose) wavelet packet
wpjoin Recompose wavelet packet
ind2depo Node index to node depth-position
otnodes Order terminal nodes of binary wavelet packet tree
write Write values in WPTREE fields
read Read values of WPTREE
readtree Read wavelet packet decomposition tree from figure
set WPTREE field contents
tnodes Determine terminal nodes
wptree WPTREE constructor
disp WPTREE information
drawtree Draw wavelet packet decomposition tree (GUI)
dtree DTREE constructor
allnodes Tree nodes
get WPTREE contents
isnode Existing node test
istnode Terminal nodes indices test
leaves Determine terminal nodes
nodeasc Node ascendants
nodedesc Node descendants
nodejoin Recompose node
nodepar Node parent
nodesplt Split (decompose) node
noleaves Determine nonterminal nodes
ntnode Number of terminal nodes
ntree NTREE constructor
treedpth Tree depth
treeord Tree order
wtbo WTBO constructor
wtreemgr NTREE manager

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