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Real time simulation

Asked by muhammad akhtar

muhammad akhtar

on 17 Jan 2012
Accepted Answer by Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson

hi I am facing a problem in simulink that the simulation runs very fast, however I want to run it in real time. Let me elaborate my point. Actually I want to run the simulation such that only one second passes in the simulation when one second passes in the real world but right now the simulation time is dependent upon my processor speed. Waiting for your replies. SALMAN




on 21 Feb 2012

I am working with the same thing as you. I want to ask you why exactly you have to slow down your simulation? Do you recalculate something while the simulation slow down?

muhammad akhtar

muhammad akhtar

on 24 Feb 2012

First of all sorry to reply you so late.
Actually I am using simulink model to send output to some other program which forces me run my model in realtime

muhammad akhtar

muhammad akhtar


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