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How to write Matlab Code for Microcontroller (such as 8051, PIC) and convert them into HEX code such that it can be burn on the microcontroller ?

Asked by Pankaj Mazumder on 15 Aug 2012

I am a newbie i m doing project on microcontroller so i want to write the codes for microcontroller on MATLAB and use it on the microcontroller. Please help me....


1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 15 Aug 2012

You can use the MATLAB Coder product to generate standalone C code from your MATLAB code, and then use the tool-chain specific to your hardware to convert the C code to binary code. Note that not all MATLAB functions are supported for code-generation. Please see MATLAB Language Subset for Code Generation.


on 11 Sep 2013

pleas no version of matlab can change code from matlab to c ?

on 11 Sep 2013

for install in PIC

Walter Roberson
on 11 Sep 2013

MATLAB Coder, an optional product, can convert some subsets of MATLAB to ANSI C code. There is no version of MATLAB that can convert MATLAB to C without using MATLAB Coder (or, on very early releases, MATLAB Compiler, but these days that is not what the modern MATLAB Compiler does.)

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