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how to define number of neurons in nntool (neural networl tool) in Matlab R.2009.a

Asked by memorial
on 31 Jan 2011

Hi, I am using Matlab R.2009.a to estimate functions. I applied NN tool .Then i encountered a problem in defining the layers. When i import input and target.In the New/Create Network or data I chose 2 number of layers.then in the "properties for Layers" i can select the number of neurons for the first layer,But the box for entering the number of neurons for the second layer is "inactive"!! it doesnt let me choose the number of neurons for the 2nd layer. I tried an older version of Matlab R.2006.a.There, this box for choosing the 2nd layer number of neurons is "active". I was wondering how this important feature of Matlab has been ignored in the newer version? I need many features of the 2009 version,and can not replace the older one. What do you seggest me to do to overcome this problem is Matlab NNtool? Thanks for reading my question Regards,



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1 Answer

Answer by Greg Heath
on 22 Jun 2012
 Accepted answer

The number of 2nd layer neurons is equal to the dimension of the output training vectors.



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