Released March 1, 2008

Release 2008a includes new features in MATLAB and Simulink, two new products, and updates and bug fixes to 82 other products. Subscribers to MathWorks™ Software Maintenance Service can download product updates.

Beginning with R2008a, the MATLAB and Simulink product families require activation. R2008a also introduces the License Center, an online tool that addresses common license administration needs.

New capabilities for the MATLAB® product family include:

New capabilities for the Simulink® product family include:

  • Redesigned, multiplatform Library Browser in Simulink
  • AUTOSAR-compliant code generation in Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder
  • Code checking of Embedded MATLAB™ language subset functions in the M-Lint code analyzer and Simulink® Design Verifier
  • IEC 61508 style guideline checks for safety-critical systems in Simulink Verification and Validation
  • Fixed-Point Advisor for automated conversion of floating-point models in Simulink Fixed Point
  • Fixed-point support for modulator, demodulator, encoder, and decoder functions in Communications Blockset
  • Embedded IDE Link MU, a new product that deploys code generated by Simulink to the Green Hills MULTI development environment

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Release Notes by Product


New products

Key features and Release Notes below.

EDA Simulator Link™ DS (for Synopsys® Discovery™)

  • Full VHDL®, Verilog®, and mixed-language cosimulation support
  • MATLAB® test bench capability, enabling the use of MATLAB code to stimulate HDL code and check its response
  • MATLAB component capability, enabling simulation of MATLAB code in place of entities not yet coded in HDL
  • User-selectable shared-memory and TCP/IP-socket communications modes
  • Interactive or batch mode cosimulation, debugging, testing, and verification of HDL

Updates and bug fixes

Release Notes by product linked below.

* Indicates major update

Simulink® 7.1.1**

New products

Key features and Release Notes below.

Embedded IDE Link™ MU(for Green Hills® MULTI®)*

  • Connects MATLAB® and Simulink® to Green Hills® MULTI® using high-speed interfaces
  • Supports PowerPC® and other popular microprocessors from Freescale™, NEC®, and Analog Devices®
  • Enables processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing for object code verification
  • Creates projects and downloads them automatically to instruction-set simulators or embedded hardware
  • Offers real-time support for popular microprocessors including Freescale™ MPC5554 and Analog Devices® Blackfin®


  • Modeling environment for building electronic and electromechanical systems as physical networks
  • More than 55 electronic and electromechanical components, including sensors, semiconductors, and actuators
  • Parameterization methods, enabling key parameter values to be entered directly from industry datasheets
  • Ability to convert models to C code (with Real-Time Workshop®, available separately)
  • Access to linearization and steady-state calculation capabilities in Simscape™

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

Updates and bug fixes

Release Notes by product linked below.

* Indicates major update

  • Polyspace Client for Ada
  • Polyspace Client for C/C++*
  • Polyspace Model Link SL (for Simulink)
  • Polyspace Model Link TL (for dSPACE TargetLink)
  • Polyspace Server for Ada
  • Polyspace Server for C/C++ *
  • Polyspace UML Link RH (for Telelogic Rhapsody)

* Indicates product was introduced via the Web after R2007b and is now available on the R2008a DVD.
** Indicates product was introduced after R2008a and is available via the Web.

Products with Name Changes 

Please refer to MathWorks Release 2008a Products with Name Changes for details.