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Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow and Nodal Price Calculation in MATLAB

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Graham Dudgeon, MathWorks

As part of ensuring electrical power system reliability, regulatory authorities require that the electrical system meet defined system performance requirements under various contingency conditions. N-1-1 contingency conditions permit the system operator to perform system adjustments following an N-1 contingency, in order to secure the system prior to a subsequent N-1 contingency.

This webinar demonstrates how Optimization Toolbox and Parallel Computing Toolbox can be used for performing automated N-1-1 contingency analysis, security constrained optimal power flow, and calculation of nodal prices.  The workflow will be demonstrated through application of DC power flow on an example system containing 3000+ buses, 7000+ transmission lines, 500+ generators, and over one million combinations of N-1-1 contingency conditions.

It will then be demonstrated how a Simultaneous Feasibility Test (SFT) with a given Financial Transmission Right (FTR) proration strategy may be implemented within the constrained optimization framework.

About the presenter:

Graham Dudgeon: Graham is the energy production industry marketing manager at MathWorks. Graham received an M.Eng. (Distinction) in avionics and a Ph.D. in multivariable control from the University of Glasgow, U.K., in 1993 and 1997 respectively.

Product Focus

  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

Recorded: 16 Jul 2012