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Researchers in engineering and science require platforms that let them explore and express new ideas, solve difficult problems, and create tools, leveraging a robust and flexible computational foundation. MATLAB and Simulink are widely used across industries for research and product development, so you can apply your research to interesting and challenging real-world examples.

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Accelerating Your Research Activities

MATLAB and Simulink help you gain momentum on your research by supporting essential phases of your project.

Acquire, analyze, and visualize data from files, applications, web services, and devices. MATLAB supports many standard file formats. You can also use web services such as a RESTful API or WSDL to read and write data in an Internet media type format such as JSON, XML, image, or text. You can also acquire data directly from hardware and sensors, including from your mobile phone and the IoT.

Explore and analyze in your field of interest (or see what ideas are hot in other areas) using hundreds of built-in MATLAB functions, toolboxes, and thousands more functions from the MATLAB Central community. Develop algorithms using the mathematically expressive MATLAB language. Accelerate exploratory programming with MATLAB Live Editor.

Model complex multidomain systems using Simulink and Simscape. Experiment with a huge variety of low-cost hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and protocols like DDS, that integrate with MATLAB and Simulink. And use MATLAB and Simulink together to do research in fields such as system analysis and design optimization.

MATLAB supports best practices for software sustainability. This includes tips for coding best practices, MATLAB Live Editor for creating interactive narratives, and Code Analyzer to find opportunities to improve your MATLAB code. The Simulink Upgrade Advisor helps you upgrade your models to the latest Simulink version, while improving models to use the latest features and settings in Simulink.

With GitHub integration, you can collaborate with colleagues using managed versions of your MATLAB code and Simulink projects. You can also associate your repository and elements in it with a DOI to make it uniquely identified and citable. MATLAB and Simulink also support other popular source control tools.

You can create a computational narrative – a rich-text document that includes your code, comments, equations, and output – using the MATLAB Live Editor to journal your computational process and save the results of your work. When you want to disseminate your work, you have many options. For fellow MATLAB users, you can package your files as a MATLAB toolbox or a MATLAB app. You can use the MATLAB publish command or Live Editor to export your MATLAB script to HTML, Word, or other formats.

To enable those who don’t use MATLAB to run your code, you can also compile and share your MATLAB work as a standalone executable. You can use Simulink Report Generator to save your Simulink models as a navigable web view for use in a browser.

To prepare your work for publication, you can fine-tune your plots. You can also make your code and models accessible by putting them in a GitHub repository and associating it with a DOI to make it uniquely identified and citable from your paper.

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MATLAB and Simulink are widely used across industries for research and product development. Providing your research methods using MATLAB and Simulink makes it easier for industry to pose their problems and then apply your ideas to their real-world challenges. You can use MATLAB with GPUs, Hadoop, clusters, and cloud computing in high-performance and production settings. Simulink supports production code generation and verification. As a result, your industry collaborators will be better positioned to scale up your research to their industrial-scale applications.

GitHub gives your project great exposure. (See trending MATLAB repositories.) You can make your project even more discoverable by millions of MATLAB users by linking your GitHub repository to a File Exchange entry. You get all the benefits of collaborative development in GitHub while community members get access to the latest version of your projects. No need to maintain the files in two different locations. And there are hundreds of Simulink repositories on GitHub too.


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