Best Practices for Large Scale Modeling and Simulation


Many organizations across different industries have adopted Modeling and Simulation to overcome the challenges associated with design complexity, reliability, quality, and time-to-market for Software development. As the intended application mature, the breadth and scope of projects also continue to increase rapidly. This results in models to get exceptionally large and complex. Consequently, the project teams are also increasing in size, increasing the need for more streamlined communication and collaboration.

This webinar addresses how one can better collaborate and facilitate parallel development in large-scale modeling projects. It further discusses how we can enable multiple project teams to work independently, follow incremental modeling workflow, integrate them with other models, manage model data, model interfaces and model complexity within a larger collaborative infrastructure.


  • Manage Project files and integrate with version control tools.
  • Run different quality metrics on large scale models to measure their health.
  • Reduce the complexity of your models using componentization techniques
  • Simulate the large models in less time and analyze the results faster.
  • Maintain different variants of the same model, manage model data and interfaces efficiently.

Who Should Attend?

Project managers, Architects, Integrators, Software Engineers, Project Leads.

About the Presenter

Gaurav Ahuja is an application engineer at MathWorks India and works with customers on the adoption of the MATLAB® and Simulink® products in the areas of model verification and validation, production C code generation, and certification.

Vamshi Kumbham is an application engineer at MathWorks India specializing in model-based design, code generation, verification and validation. He works closely with customers across domains to help them use MathWorks products in their workflows. 

Product Focus

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