Generating Industry Standards Production Code Using Embedded Coder


Embedded code generation is fundamentally changing the way engineers work. It enables efficient adoption of Model-Based Design, reducing the number of iterations in a typical industry-based product development cycle and eliminating errors introduced due to manual coding.

Instead of writing thousands of lines of code by hand, engineers are automatically generating production code to increase productivity, improve quality, and foster innovation.

Embedded Code Generation using Embedded Coder® generates readable, compact, and fast C and C++ code for embedded processors used in mass production. Embedded Coder offers built-in support for AUTOSAR, MISRA C®, and ASAP2 software standards. It also provides traceability reports, code documentation, and automated software verification to support DO-178, IEC 61508, and ISO 26262 software development. Embedded Coder code is portable and can be compiled and executed on any processor. 

In this webinar you will learn how you can use features of Embedded Coder to generate code that meets industrial standards, as well as the flexibility they offer when configuring the model and generating optimized production-ready code.


  • Automatic C Code Generation from Model
  • Applying Code Generation customizations based on software architecture
  • Back-to-back testing of generated code and model for consistency
  • Adhering to the Industry guidelines and standards for production code

About the Presenter

Rajat Arora, Senior Application Engineer

Gaurav Dubey, Principal Pilot Engineer

Product Focus

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