Industrial IoT and Digital Twins


Creating and using digital twins increases intelligence as part of the operational system. Having an up-to-date representation of real operating assets lets you control or optimize the assets and the wider system. The representation not only captures the current state, but often the operating history of the asset. Digital twins and IIoT enable you to optimize, improve efficiencies, automate, and evaluate future performance. 


In this webinar we will look at:

  • How to leverage asset data as it’s streamed, processed, and archived?
  • What are the different personas that are responsible for building a digital twin?
  • How to leverage information technologies and operational technologies for digital twin applications?
  • How to incrementally add functionality to digital twin as needs and applications evolve?
  • How to create and use digital twins?
  • How to verify and validate digital twins?

About the Presenter

Ramanuja Jagannathan is an Application Engineer at MathWorks India and works in the fields of control design, physical modeling and digital twin. He has worked with MathWorks for three years and is interested to hear about challenging engineering problems from customers and help them build digital twin solutions. 

Product Focus

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