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Robot Prints 3D Building in Half a Day

By MathWorks Staff

These images show MIT's robotic system 3D printing the external structure of a building.

Image credit: Steven Keating, Julian Leland, Lev Cai, and Neri Oxman/Mediated Matter Group, MIT

Researchers from MIT's Mediated Matter Group designed a robotic platform that can 3D-print architecture. The Digital Construction Platform (DCP) consists of a large industrial robot arm with a smaller KUKA robot attached to it. The large arm gives the robot its reach. The KUKA robot provides precise control and can be fitted with a variety of tools such as foam and concrete sprayers.

DCP recently printed a building. The entire 167-square-meter structure—the largest ever printed by a mobile robot—was created in just 13.5 hours.

Published 2017 - 80900v00

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