What Are MATLAB Apps?

MATLAB apps are interactive applications with a user-friendly interface that enable you to perform a computational task in MATLAB® without writing any code. All the operations required to complete the task, such as importing data, performing calculations, and displaying results, are performed within the app. You can use MATLAB apps to quickly produce results, visualizations, and data models without writing code.

Featured MATLAB Apps

Data Cleaner

Preprocess time-series data by removing outliers and missing data, smoothing data, and normalizing data.

Experiment Manager App

Create, manage, and run experiments with different parameter values to tune and compare different models for optimization. 

Create Your Own Custom Apps

App Designer enables you to create professional apps interactively with drag-and-drop components.

Package and Share Apps

You can build and share your custom-built apps with others to use on the MATLAB desktop or in a web browser. Apps can also be packaged for installation into the MATLAB Apps tab in the toolstrip.

Apps from the MATLAB Community

You can find community-built MATLAB apps for a wide range of applications. You can download and install apps from the apps gallery and run them with a single click.