Hardware Support

ThingSpeak Support from Desktop MATLAB

Prototype Internet of Things (IoT) applications using ThingSpeak and MATLAB

Capabilities and Features

ThingSpeak support functions let you use desktop MATLAB to analyze and visualize data stored on ThingSpeak.com or on private installations of ThingSpeak.

Specifically, you can perform the following tasks with MATLAB:

  • Acquire most recent data from public and private ThingSpeak channels
  • Simultaneously acquire data from all eight fields in a ThingSpeak channel
  • Acquire channel and field data over a specified time period, or acquire a specified number of data points
  • Write data from desktop MATLAB to a ThingSpeak channel
  • Remove noise and outliers
  • Perform statistical analysis on channel data and explore trends

About ThingSpeak

ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service that lets you collect and store sensor data in the cloud and develop Internet of Things applications. The ThingSpeak service also lets you perform online analysis and act on your data. Sensor data can be sent to ThingSpeak from any hardware that can communicate using a REST API or using MQTT protocol.

To send data directly to ThingSpeak from Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, Apple iOS, Android™, or BeagleBone Black hardware, you can use the Simulink ThingSpeak write blocks provided in the following hardware support packages:

Platform and Release Support

Available on Windows®, Mac, and Linux®.

Starting in R2019a, thingSpeakRead and thingSpeakWrite functions for use in desktop MATLAB are included with your MATLAB installation. There is nothing additional to download. To read data from ThingSpeak or to write data to ThingSpeak using R2014b through R2018b, see this File Exchange submission.

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