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Calculate line-of-sight (LOS) mutual visibility between CubeSat vehicle and ground station


[accesstable,inview] = generateAccessTable(time,lla,gs_latlon) uses spherical Earth geometry to calculate line-of-sight visibility at times, time, between a CubeSat vehicle of position lla and a ground station located at gs_latlon.

[accesstable,inview] = generateAccessTable(time,lla,gs_latlon,method) uses spherical Earth geometry or topographical data to calculate line-of-sight visibility.


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Approximate line-of-site (LOS) access between a CubeSat vehicle in a 500 km circular 45 deg inclined orbit with 155 deg right ascension of the ascending node (RAAN) and a ground station located at MathWorks® headquarters over one hour beginning at 12:00 on January 1, 2020:

load('exampleValues_generateAccessTable.mat', 'lat', 'lon', 'alt');
time = datetime(2020,1,1,12,0,0) + seconds(1:60*60)';
latlon_MathWorks = [42, -71]; 
[accessTable, inView] = generateAccessTable(time, [lat lon alt], latlon_MathWorks);

Input Arguments

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Array of latitudes, longitudes, and altitudes, specified as an M column vector, where M is the length of the array. The array is a MATLAB® datetime data type.

Data Types: double

CubeSat geodetic latitudes (deg), longitudes (deg), and altitudes (m), specified as an M-by-3 vector.

Data Types: double

Ground station geodetic latitude (deg) and longitude (deg), specified as a 2-by-1 array.

Data Types: double

Computation method, specified as spherical or topographical.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Table summarizing access intervals during which line-of-sight (LOS) visibility is established between the CubeSat vehicle and the ground station. accesstable is empty if no access windows are identified. Access interval results are output as a table.

Data Types: table

Established mutual visibility at time, returned as a logical vector of M, the length of the array.

Data Types: logical


The generateAccessTable function is available only by installing the Aerospace Blockset™ CubeSat Simulation Library from the Add-On Explorer.

Introduced in R2019a