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Aerospace Flight Instruments in App Designer

This app shows how to display flight status information with standard cockpit instrumentation using Aerospace Toolbox flight instruments in App Designer. On startup, the app loads saved flight data from a MAT-file and starts a new Aero.Animation figure window. The app uses six flight instruments to display flight data corresponding with the time selected in the slider. The animation window updates to reflect the aircraft orientation at the selected time.

This example demonstrates the following app building tasks:

  • Use a StartupFcn callback to load data from a file and create an Aero.Animation object.

  • Use aerospace flight instrument components to visualize flight status information: Airspeed Indicator, Artificial Horizon, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Heading Indicator, and Climb Indicator

  • Use the slider component ValueChangingFcn callback to set aerospace flight instrument component properties and interact with an Aero.Animation object.