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Calculate phase shift values for arrays or multi-feed PCB stack



ps = phaseShift(array,frequency,angle) calculates the phase shift values of an array operating at a specified frequency to scan the beam at the given angle. The velocity of light is assumed to be that in free space.

ps = phaseShift(pcb,frequency,angle) calculates the phase shift values of a multi-feed PCB stack at a specified frequency and angle.


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Create a 3-by-3 rectangular array of reflector-backed dipoles at an operating frequency of 1.8 GHz, and scan the main beam at 30 degrees along the azimuth and 45 degrees along the elevation.

a = design(rectangularArray('Size',[3 3]),1.8e9,reflector);
ps = phaseShift(a,1.8e9,[30;45])
ps = 9×1


a.PhaseShift = ps
a = 
  rectangularArray with properties:

           Element: [1x1 reflector]
              Size: [3 3]
        RowSpacing: 0.0833
     ColumnSpacing: 0.0833
           Lattice: 'Rectangular'
    AmplitudeTaper: 1
        PhaseShift: [9x1 double]
              Tilt: 0
          TiltAxis: [1 0 0]

Calculate the radiation pattern of the array.


{"String":"Figure contains an axes object and other objects of type uicontrol. The axes object contains 29 objects of type patch, surface.","Tex":[],"LaTex":[]}

Input Arguments

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Antenna array from the Antenna Toolbox™ array library, specified as an array object.

Example: r = rectangularArray; phaseShift (r,70e6,[60;40]). Calculates the phase shift of the rectangular array.

Multi-feed PCB stack, specified as a pcbStack object.

Example: fco = invertedFcoplanar; pcb = pcbStack(fco); phaseShift (pcb,70e6,[60;40]) Calculates the phase shift of the coplanar inverted F antenna PCB.

Frequency value used to calculate the phase shift, specified as a scalar in Hz.

Example: 70e6

Data Types: double

Azimuth and elevation angle pair to scan the array toward, specified as a 2-element vector in degrees.

Example: [35;40]

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Phase shift values, returned as a 1-by-N vector in degrees. Phase shift value calculation does not consider mutual coupling.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b