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Call Reentrant Code in a Single-Threaded Environment

To call reentrant code in a single-threaded environment, create a main function that:

  • Includes the header file primary_function_name.h.

  • Allocates memory for the global memory allocation structure primary_function_nameStackData.

  • If the algorithm uses persistent or global data, allocates memory for the global structure primary_function_namePersistentData.

  • Calls these functions:

    • primary_function_name_initialize.

    • primary_function_name.

    • primary_function_name_terminate.

    When you convert a MATLAB® function to a C/C++ library function or a C/C++ executable, MATLAB Coder™ generates two housekeeping functions. Call these housekeeping functions in the code that calls the generated C/C++ function. For more information, see Deploy Generated Code.

  • Frees the memory used for global structures.