Protocol Components

Functions, configuration objects, and System objects for Bluetooth® protocol layers above the PHY

Communications Toolbox™ Library for the Bluetooth Protocol provides functions and System objects to model Bluetooth link layer (LL), logical link control and adaptation protocol (L2CAP), generic access profile (GAP), and attribute protocol (ATT). Format configuration objects are used to parameterize these functions and to create Bluetooth protocol data units (PDUs) that are compliant with the Bluetooth Core Specifications.


bleLLDataChannelPDUGenerate BLE LL data channel PDU
bleLLDataChannelPDUDecodeDecode BLE LL data channel PDU
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUGenerate BLE LL advertising channel PDU
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUDecodeDecode BLE LL advertising channel PDU
bleGAPDataBlockGenerate BLE GAP data block
bleGAPDataBlockDecodeDecode BLE GAP data block
bleL2CAPFrameGenerate BLE L2CAP frame
bleL2CAPFrameDecodeDecode BLE L2CAP frame


bleATTPDUConfigConfiguration object for BLE ATT PDU
bleLLDataChannelPDUConfigConfiguration object for BLE LL data channel PDU
bleLLControlPDUConfigConfiguration object for BLE LL control PDU payload configuration
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUConfigConfiguration object for BLE LL advertising channel PDU
bleGAPDataBlockConfigConfiguration object for BLE GAP data block
bleL2CAPFrameConfigConfiguration object for BLE L2CAP frame
bleChannelSelectionBLE channel index for connection events


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