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Convolution matrix of Galois field vector


A = convmtx(c,n)


A convolution matrix is a matrix, formed from a vector, whose inner product with another vector is the convolution of the two vectors.

A = convmtx(c,n) returns a convolution matrix for the Galois vector c. The output A is a Galois array that represents convolution with c in the sense that conv(c,x) equals

  • A*x, if c is a column vector and x is any Galois column vector of length n. In this case, A has n columns and m+n-1 rows.

  • x*A, if c is a row vector and x is any Galois row vector of length n. In this case, A has n rows and m+n-1 columns.


The code below illustrates the equivalence between using the conv function and multiplying by the output of convmtx.

m = 4;
c = gf([1; 9; 3],m); % Column vector
n = 6;
x = gf(randi([0 2^m-1],n,1),m);
ck1 = isequal(conv(c,x), convmtx(c,n)*x) % True
ck2 = isequal(conv(c',x'),x'*convmtx(c',n)) % True

The output is

ck1 =


ck2 =


Version History

Introduced before R2006a