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Distribute MATLAB Code Using the MATLAB Runtime

On target computers without MATLAB®, install the MATLAB Runtime, if it is not already present on the deployment machine.

MATLAB Runtime

The MATLAB Runtime is an execution engine made up of the same shared libraries MATLAB uses to enable execution of MATLAB files on systems without an installed version of MATLAB.

The MATLAB Runtime is available for downloading from the web to simplify the distribution of your applications created using the MATLAB Compiler™ or the MATLAB Compiler SDK™. Download the MATLAB Runtime from the MATLAB Runtime product page.

The MATLAB Runtime installer does the following:

  1. Install the MATLAB Runtime.

  2. Install the component assembly in the folder from which the installer is run.

  3. Copy the MWArray assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), as part of installing the MATLAB Runtime.

MATLAB Runtime Prerequisites

  1. The MATLAB Runtime installer requires administrator privileges to run.

  2. The version of the MATLAB Runtime that runs your application on the target computer must be compatible with the version of MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Compiler SDK that built the deployed code.

  3. Do not install the MATLAB Runtime in MATLAB installation directories.

  4. The MATLAB Runtime installer requires approximately 2 GB of disk space.

Add the MATLAB Runtime Installer to the Installer

This example shows how to include the MATLAB Runtime in the generated installer, using one of the compiler apps. The generated installer contains all files needed to run the standalone application or shared library built with MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Compiler SDK and properly lays them out on a target system.

  1. On the Packaging Options section of the compiler interface, select one or both of the following options:

    • Runtime downloaded from web — This option builds an installer that invokes the MATLAB Runtime installer from the MathWorks website.

    • Runtime included in package — The option includes the MATLAB Runtime installer into the generated installer.

  2. Click Package.

  3. Distribute the installer as needed.

Install the MATLAB Runtime

This example shows how to install the MATLAB Runtime on a system.

If you are given an installer containing the compiled artifacts, then the MATLAB Runtime is installed along with the application or shared library. If you are given just the raw binary files, download the MATLAB Runtime installer from the web and run the installer.


If you are running on a platform other than Windows®, modify the path on the target machine. Setting the paths enables your application to find the MATLAB Runtime. For more information on setting the path, see MATLAB Runtime Path Settings for Run-Time Deployment (MATLAB Compiler SDK).

Windows paths are set automatically. On Linux® and Mac, you can use the run script to set paths. See Problems Setting MATLAB Runtime Paths for detailed information on performing all deployment tasks specifically with UNIX® variants such as Linux and Mac.

Where to find the MWArray API

The MATLAB Runtime also includes MWArray.dll, which contains an API for exchanging data between your applications and the MATLAB Runtime. You can find documentation for this API in the Help folder of the installation.

On target machines where the MATLAB Runtime installer is run, it puts the MWArray assembly in mcrRoot\toolbox\dotnetbuilder\bin\architecture\framework_version.

Sample Directory Structure of the MATLAB Runtime Including MWArray.dll