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Generate Target Optimizations Within Algorithm Code

Some application components are hardware-specific and cannot simulate on a host system. For example, consider a component that includes pragmas and assembly code for enabling hardware instructions for saturate on add operations or a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function.

The following table lists integration options to customize generated algorithm code with target-specific optimizations.


Solutions marked with EC only require an Embedded Coder® license.

If...Then...For More Information, See
You want to optimize the execution speed and memory of the model code by replacing default math functions and operators with target-specific codeEC only—Implement function and operator replacements by using the Code Replacement Tool, code replacement library (CRL) API, and Code Replacement Viewer to create, examine, validate, and register hardware-specific replacement tables Optimize Generated Code by Developing and Using Code Replacement Libraries - Simulink
You want to control how code generation technology declares, stores, and represents signals, tunable parameters, block states, and data objects in generated codeEC only—Design (create) and apply custom storage classes


To simulate an algorithm that includes target-specific elements in a host environment, you must create code that is equivalent to the target code and can run in the host environment.