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Get IP Address of Xilinx SoC Devices

Get the IP address of the Xilinx® SoC platform through the MATLAB® Command Window or at the Linux® command line.

If you have multiple Xilinx SoC platform boards connected to your host computer, disconnect the ones you are not using.

To get the Xilinx SoC platform IP address using the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

z = zynqrfsocnetwork

The hardware provides information about its IP address. For example:

z = 
  zynqrfsocnetwork with properties:
    IPAddress: ''

If you changed the default IP address, specify the new IP address. For example:

z.IPAddress =

To get the Xilinx SoC device IP address by using command-line, see Command-Line Session for Xilinx SoC Devices.

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