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Convert SISO Matrix Data to Timetable

Load the data, which consists of the input vector umat1, the output vector ymat1, and the sample time Ts.

load sdata1 umat1 ymat1 Ts

Combine the data into the single timetable tt. View the first two rows of tt.

tt = timetable(umat1,ymat1,'rowtimes',seconds(Ts*(1:size(umat1,1))));
     Time      umat1     ymat1  
    _______    _____    ________

    0.1 sec      1      -0.58724
    0.2 sec     -1        1.1082

Use tt to estimate a continuous-time state-space model.

sys = ssest(tt,2);

Compare the model output with the estimation data.


Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with ylabel ymat1 contains 2 objects of type line. These objects represent Validation data (ymat1), sys: 70.63%.