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Resolve UDP Port Warning: Unable to Read All Data


These remedies apply when you receive some data and you get this warning message:

'udpport' unable to read all requested data

Possible Solutions

Try these remedies to resolve the following causes when you use the UDP interface for reading binary data using the read function.

The number of values to read was larger than the number of values available.Confirm that you have the correct number of values of data available before you read. Check the amount of data available with the NumBytesAvailable or NumDatagramsAvailable property of the udpport object.
Device did not send all the requested data.Check your device connection. For more information about troubleshooting configuration and connection, see Troubleshooting UDP Interface.
There was a data format mismatch.Verify that the device data type matches the specified read data type. Specify the data type with read. For more information about supported precisions, see read.

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