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NB-IoT Modeling

NB-IoT transport and physical channels, physical signals, and SC-FDMA modulation

Use these LTE Toolbox™ Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) functions to:

  • Create physical signals and transport channels.

  • Create, encode, and decode transport channels.

  • Perform single-carrier frequency-division multiple access (SC-FDMA) modulation.


lteNDLSCHNB-IoT downlink shared channel
lteNDLSCHDecodeNB-IoT downlink shared channel decoding
lteNPDSCHNB-IoT physical downlink shared channel
lteNPDSCHDecodeNB-IoT physical downlink shared channel decoding
lteNPDSCHIndicesNB-IoT physical downlink resource element indices
lteNPSSGenerate narrowband primary synchronization signal symbols for subframe
lteNPSSIndicesGenerate narrowband primary synchronization signal resource element indices for subframe
lteNRSGenerate cell-specific narrowband reference signal symbols
lteNRSIndicesNRS resource element indices
lteNSSSGenerate narrowband secondary synchronization signal symbols for subframe
lteNSSSIndicesGenerate narrowband secondary synchronization signal resource element indices for subframe

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