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Help for Python Functions

For a complete description of Python® functionality, consult outside resources, in particular, There are different versions of the Python documentation, so be sure to refer to the version corresponding to the version on your system. Many examples in the MATLAB® documentation refer to functions in the Python standard library.

To use functions in a third-party or user-defined Python module, refer to your vendor product documentation for information about how to install the module and for details about its functionality.

The command displays the Python help found at Help for packages and classes can be extensive and might not be useful when displayed in the MATLAB command window.

  • Package'textwrap')
  • Class'textwrap.TextWrapper')
  • Method of a class'textwrap.TextWrapper.wrap')
  • Function'textwrap.fill')

If MATLAB displays an error message beginning with Python Error:, refer to your Python documentation for more information.


You cannot use the interactive Python help, calling without input arguments, in MATLAB.

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