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N-D closest simplex search


t = tsearchn(X,TRI,XI)
[t,P] = tsearchn(X,TRI,XI)


t = tsearchn(X,TRI,XI) returns the indices t of the enclosing simplex of the Delaunay triangulation TRI for each point in XI. X is an m-by-n matrix, representing m points in N-dimensional space. XI is a p-by-n matrix, representing p points in N-dimensional space. tsearchn returns NaN for all points outside the convex hull of X. If a point in XI lies on the boundary of two or more simplexes, then the largest index is returned. tsearchn requires a triangulation TRI of the points X obtained from delaunayn.

[t,P] = tsearchn(X,TRI,XI) also returns the barycentric coordinate P of XI in the simplex TRI. P is a p-by-n+1 matrix. Each row of P is the barycentric coordinate of the corresponding point in XI. It is useful for interpolation.


  • The pointLocation function can provide better search performance for some 2-D and 3-D triangulations, such as finite element meshes.

Introduced before R2006a