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Create Custom Arduino Add-On Library

The add-on SDK provides a framework to create a custom MATLAB® Arduino® add-on library. This framework enables development of add-on libraries that can execute code on the Arduino hardware in MATLAB.

The framework takes care of the communication and interaction between MATLAB and an Arduino device, enabling you to focus on developing a particular feature. A MATLAB Arduino add-on library has three components:

This table shows the steps required to create a custom Arduino add-on library.

StepsActionMore Information
1Create add-on folder package and add subfolders to contain C++ header file and MATLAB add-on classCreate Add-On Package Folder
2Create and configure C++ header file and add third part resources (if required) for custom libraryCreate and Configure C++ Header File
3Create and configure MATLAB add on class that inherits from matlabshared.addon.LibraryBase. Create and Configure MATLAB Add-On Class
Adapt Add-ons to New matlabshared.addon.LibraryBase Class
4Register add-on library and run MATLAB codeRegister Add-On Library

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