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Integrate MATLAB Grader with Blackboard (Ultra or Original) — LTI 1.3

LMS Administrators: Add MATLAB Grader to Blackboard LTI Tool Providers

To add MATLAB® Grader™ to Blackboard® LTI tool providers, follow the steps in this section.

Step 1. Sign in to Blackboard as LMS Administrator

Sign in to your university’s instance of Blackboard (either Ultra or Original) as a user with administrator privileges, specifically the ability to register a new LTI 1.3/Advantage tool. The URL of the login page may look similar to this example:

Step 2. Go to LTI Tool Providers

In Blackboard, go to the Admin or System Admin panel. Look for Integrations. Select LTI Tool Providers:

Step 3. Register a New LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool

  1. In LTI Tool Providers, click Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.

  2. Enter the following value into the Client ID field where prompted:


  3. Click Submit.

Step 4. Modify LTI 1.3 Tool

  1. In Modify LTI 1.3 Tool, find Deployment ID. Copy the value for Deployment ID. You need this value in a later step.

  2. Scroll down to Institution Policies. Set the values for the fields as indicated in the following table.

    Field NameField Value
    User Fields to Send
    Role in CourseSelected
    NameNot selected
    Email AddressNot selected
    Allow grade service accessYes
    Allow Membership Service AccessNo
    Show User Acknowledgement MessageNo
  3. Click Submit.

Step 5. Sign in to MATLAB Grader as an LMS Administrator

When you sign in to MATLAB Grader, use the MathWorks® Account associated with the LMS administrator. The account holder should also be a license administrator for managing MathWorks licenses and must have been given access to MATLAB Grader by MathWorks Customer Support or by another license administrator at your university.

Sign in at the URL and then click LMS Integration. Alternatively, you can access the page directly at

Step 6. Register LMS Information in MATLAB Grader

On the LMS Integration page:

  1. Under Step 1, choose LTI version “LTI 1.3.”

  2. Under Step 3, provide the following values when prompted. These values are for production instances of Blackboard. If you are using Blackboard in a non production environment, contact Blackboard customer support for alternate URLs.

    Field NameField Value
    Client ID282f074d-5add-4fbe-8ccc-1bce81138a89
    Public keyset URL
    Auth token endpoint
    OIDC auth request endpoint
    Deployment ID

    Use the Deployment ID value that you obtained in an earlier step.

  3. Click Submit.

Ready For Instructor Access

The integration is now complete. Instructors can now add MATLAB Grader problems to their courses.

Getting Help

If at any point in this process you require assistance integrating MATLAB Grader with your LMS using LTI 1.3, contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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