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Change the Server Configuration

Before you can run an Excel® add-in on a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance, you must configure it.

To configure the server information for an add-in:

  1. In Excel, select Add-Ins > Configure MATLAB Production Server.

  2. Select the MATLAB Production Server Configuration tab.

  3. Select the add-in to configure. The server URL corresponding to the add-in displays in the Server URL field.

    If the add-in is not listed, click Add under the MATLAB Add-ins Available table. Enter the name of the add-in, and click OK.

  4. If the Server URL field is empty, enter the URL based on the application protocol you want to use: HTTP or HTTPS. A server certificate must be installed in the certificate store of the client or local machine running the Excel add-in when using HTTPS.

    ProtocolURLDefault Port Number

  5. Modify the Optional Client Configuration options if necessary.

  6. Click OK.

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