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MATLAB Production Server

Integrate MATLAB algorithms into web, database, and enterprise applications

MATLAB® Production Server™ lets you incorporate custom analytics into web, database, and production enterprise applications running on dedicated servers or in the cloud. You can create algorithms in MATLAB, package them using MATLAB Compiler SDK™, and then deploy them to MATLAB Production Server without recoding or creating custom infrastructure. Users can then access the latest version of your analytics automatically.

MATLAB Production Server manages multiple MATLAB Runtime versions simultaneously. As a result, algorithms developed in different versions of MATLAB can be incorporated into your application. The server runs on multiprocessor and multicore computers, providing low-latency processing of concurrent work requests. You can deploy the server on additional computing nodes to scale capacity and provide redundancy.

Get Started

Learn the basics of MATLAB Production Server

Deployable Archive Creation

Create archives from MATLAB code for deployment to the server

Server Management

Create and manage one or more server instances that host deployable archives

Client Programming

Create client programs to access MATLAB functionality hosted on a server instance

Excel Integration

Create Excel® add-ins that work with MATLAB Production Server

Cloud Deployment

Deploy MATLAB Production Server on Microsoft® Azure® and AWS®