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URL for secure connections


--https host:port


https specifies the interface port and the optional address or host name to use for secure client-server communication.

Starting in R2019b, if you set the https property, you must set the x509-private-key and x509-cert-chain properties; otherwise, the server fails to start.



Host name or IP address of the machine running the server instance. If you do not specify the host, the server binds to any available interface.


Port number used by the server instance to accept connections. Bind to any available port by specifying 0.


Restrict access to the HTTPS interface for local clients only on port 9920.

--https localhost:9920

Bind to any free port. The bound address is written to $INSTANCE/endpoint/https.

--https 0

Bind to a specific IP address and port.


Bind to a specific host name on any free port.