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Specify Server Instance License Options Using Dashboard

After you create an on-premises server instance using the dashboard, you can specify licensing options. For details on creating a server instance, see Create Server Instance Using Dashboard.

  1. Select the server instance from the leftmost navigation pane.

  2. Select the Settings tab.

  3. Expand the License area.

  4. Set License to the server, license files, or both.

    You can specify multiple license servers including port numbers (port_number@license_server_name), as well as license files. List where you want the product to search in order of precedence, using semi-colons (;) as separators on Windows® or colons (:) as separators on Linux®.

    For example, on a Linux system, you specify this value for license:


    The system searches these resources in this order:

    1. 27000@hostA: (hostA configured on port 27000)

    2. /opt/license/license.dat (local license data file)

    3. 27001@hostB: (hostB configured on port 27001)

    4. ./license.dat (local license data file)

  5. Set License Grace Period to the maximum length of time MATLAB® Production Server™ responds to HTTP requests after the license server heartbeat has been lost.

  6. Set License Poll Interval to the interval of time that must pass:

    • After license server heartbeat has been lost and MATLAB Production Server stops responding to HTTP requests

    • Before license server is polled, to verify and check out a valid license

  7. Click Save.

  8. Restart the server instance. See Restart Server Instance.

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