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Offroad Navigation for Autonomous Haul Trucks in Open Pit Mine

Since R2024a

Hauling material in an open pit mine requires a planning stack capable of both navigating at the global scale and avoiding obstacles during local path following. Navigation Toolbox™ offers planners and controllers that serve well for 2-D indoor planning but they can also be extended for 2.5-D offroad navigation. You can do this by deriving structure from terrain and incorporating heuristics into the planners to account for changes in elevation or slope. The solution proposed by this repository approaches the offroad navigation problem in three steps described in these three examples:

1. Create Route Planner for Offroad Navigation Using Digital Elevation Data

2. Create Terrain-Aware Global Planners for Offroad Navigation

3. Navigate Global Path through Offroad Terrain Using Local Planner

The last example in the series, Model and Control Autonomous Vehicle in Offroad Scenario, shows how to use Simulink® to integrate the road network and planners into an autonomous navigation stack with logic controlled by Stateflow®.

This figure shows the top level of the autonomous navigation stack.

This example is also available on file exchange using a project format. See Offroad Navigation for Autonomous Haul Trucks in Open Pit Mine in File Exchange for more information.

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