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Parallel Computing Support in MathWorks Products

Parallel Computing Toolbox™ provides you with tools for a local cluster of workers on your client machine. MATLAB® Parallel Server™ software allows you to run as many MATLAB workers on a remote cluster of computers as your licensing allows.

Most MathWorks products enable you to run applications in parallel. For example, Simulink models can run simultaneously in parallel, as described in Running Multiple Simulations (Simulink). MATLAB Compiler™ and MATLAB Compiler SDK™ software let you build and deploy parallel applications; for example, see the “Parallel Computing” section of MATLAB Compiler Standalone Applications (MATLAB Compiler).

Several MathWorks products now offer built-in support for the parallel computing products, without requiring extra coding. For the current list of these products and their parallel functionality, see Parallel Computing Support in MATLAB and Simulink Products.