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System object: phased.UCA
Namespace: phased

Spacing between array elements


dist = getElementSpacing(sArray)
dist = getElementSpacing(sArray,disttype)


dist = getElementSpacing(sArray) returns the arc length between adjacent elements of the phased.UCA System object™, sArray.

dist = getElementSpacing(sArray,disttype) returns either the arc length or chord length between adjacent elements depending on the specification of disttype.

Input Arguments

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Uniform circular array, specified as a phased.UCA System object.

Example: phased.UCA()

Distance type to define path between adjacent array elements, specified as a either 'arc' or 'chord'. If disttype is specified as 'arc', the returned distance is the arc length between adjacent elements. If disttype is specified as 'chord', the returned distance is the chord length between adjacent elements.

Example: 'chord'

Output Arguments

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Spacing between elements, returned as a scalar. A uniform circular array has a unique distance between all pairs of adjacent elements. The distance depends only upon the radius of the array, R, and the angle between two adjacent elements, Δφ . The angle between two adjacent elements is computed from the number of elements, Δφ = 2π/N. If disttype is specified as 'arc', the method returns


If disttype is specified as 'chord', the method returns


The chord distance is always less than the arc distance.


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Construct a 10-element UCA with a radius of 1.5 meters, and obtain the arc distance between any two adjacent elements. Then, obtain the chord distance.

sArray = phased.UCA('NumElements',10,'Radius',1.5);
dist = getElementSpacing(sArray,'arc')
dist = 0.9425
dist = getElementSpacing(sArray,'chord')
dist = 0.9271

Version History

Introduced in R2015a