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Basic Motion, Torque, and Force Modeling

Model driveshaft motion, torque, and force using inertias and gears

The purpose of a gear set is to transfer rotational motion and torque at a known ratio from one driveline axis to another. Simscape™ Driveline™ allows you to model simple and custom gears for coupling bodies that are rotating on a driveline axis.

The rules that apply to angular gears in relation to rotational motion and torque are analogous to the rules that apply to linear gears in relation to translational motion and force.


Couple Rotational Motion with Gears

Learn about the rules for coupling gears.

Couple Two Spinning Inertias with a Simple Gear

Use gears to couple inertias that are spinning at the same or at different velocities.

Couple Two Spinning Inertias with a Variable Ratio Transmission

Model a transmission that has a variable gear ratio.

Couple Three Spinning Inertias with a Planetary Gear

Model a simple planetary gear and a planetary gear with a locked carrier.