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Connection Port

Create Physical Modeling connector port for subsystem


Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Fundamental Blocks / Elements

  • Connection Port block


The Connection Port block, placed inside a subsystem composed of Simscape™ Electrical™ Specialized Power Systems blocks, creates a Physical Modeling open round connector port on the boundary of the subsystem. Once connected to a connection line, the port becomes solid . Once you begin the simulation, the solid port becomes an electrical terminal port, an open square .

You connect individual Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems blocks and subsystems made of Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems blocks to one another with Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems connection lines, instead of regular Simulink® signal lines. These are anchored at the open, round connector ports . Subsystems constructed of Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems blocks automatically have such open round connector ports. You can add additional connector ports by adding Connection Port blocks to your subsystem.

Simulink software assigns Connection Port block port numbers according to these rules:

  • It automatically numbers the Connection Port blocks within a top-level system or subsystem sequentially, starting with 1.

  • If you add a Connection Port block, the label is the next available number.

  • If you delete a Connection Port block, other port numbers are automatically renumbered to ensure that the Connection Port blocks are in sequence and that no numbers are omitted.

  • If you copy a Connection Port block into a system, its port number is not renumbered unless its current number conflicts with a Connection Port block already in the system. If the copied Connection Port block port number is not in sequence, renumber the block. Otherwise, an error message is generated when you run the simulation or update the block diagram.


Port number

Specify the order in which the port that corresponds to the block appears in parent Subsystem or Model blocks.

If you add a block that creates another port, the port number is the next available number.

Deleting all blocks associated with a port deletes the port. Other ports are renumbered so that they are sequential and do not skip any numbers.

Port location on parent subsystem

Choose which side of the parent subsystem boundary the port is placed on. The choices are Left or Right. The default is Left.

Introduced before R2006a