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Uninstall Polyspace Access

  1. Verify that the Cluster Admin agent is running. Use the command:

    docker stats --no-stream
    If admin is not listed under the NAME column in the command output, start the admin-docker-agent binary.

  2. Open the Cluster Admin web interface and click Delete Apps. After you delete an app, the status indicator turns gray and you see the text Not installed next to the indicator.

    Deleting the Polyspace Access Database service and uninstalling Polyspace® Access does not erase the results that you uploaded to the database from the data volume.

    1. To delete a data volume and its content, manually delete the folder where you store the database.

      sudo rm -rf databaseFolderPath
      databaseFolderPath is the folder path that you specify in the Data volume field of the Polyspace Access Database service in the Admin Cluster Settings, for example, /local/Polyspace/R2024a/appdata/polyspace-access/db.

      If you specify a volume name instead of a folder path in the Data volume field, for instance polyspace-data, use this command to delete the volume:

      docker volume rm polyspace-data

  3. Stop the admin-docker-agent binary from the command line window by pressing CTRL+C, and then stop the remaining services:

    docker stop gateway \
    polyspace-access \
    issuetracker \
    To use this command in Windows® PowerShell, replace the backslash "\" characters with a backtick " ` ".

  4. Delete the Polyspace Access installation folder.