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Camera movement, object selection, and project and scene creation

RoadRunner enables you to create realistic roads and environments for simulation. Understanding fundamental concepts such as coordinate systems, camera movement, and working with objects can help make you more productive when using the software.


Coordinate Systems

Coordinate Space and Georeferencing

Understand RoadRunner coordinate systems and map projections.

Scene Views


Learn how to move the camera in a 3D scene.


Export scene geometry by category for easy generation of segmentation training data.

Scene Objects

Selecting Objects

Information about selecting objects in the 3D Edit Window and 2D Edit Window.

Dragging (Moving) Objects

Many tools enable you to move objects in the scene by selecting and dragging them.

Digitizing (Creating) Objects

Many tools provide the ability to create objects.

Deleting Objects

Most tools enable you to delete selected objects.


Most operations in RoadRunner can be undone or redone.

File Management

Project System

A project folder contains assets (such as 3D models and texture maps) that are shared by multiple RoadRunner scenes.


A scene file contains an area created in RoadRunner that has aspects such as roads, surfaces, and props. It is the main type of file edited in RoadRunner.

Project and Scene Version Control

For projects in which multiple people make changes to assets or scenes, use a version control system.


Triangulation Settings

Modify tolerances and construction parameters to affect curve sampling and scene triangulation.

Geometry Issues

Enable visualization of geometric issues related to triangulation.