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Stateflow Name

Insert into report name of Stateflow object specified by parent component


This component inserts the name of the Stateflow® object, as defined by its parent component, into the report. This component must have the State Loop, Chart Loop, or Stateflow Filter component as its parent.

Using this component as the first child component of a Chapter/Subsection component allows the current Stateflow object name to be the chapter or section title.


  • Display name as: Displays the Stateflow object name in the report.

    • Name: For example, Object

    • Type Name: For example, Object <ObjectName>

    • Type - Name: For example, Object - <ObjectName>

    • Type: Name: For example, Object: <ObjectName>

  • Display name as: Specifies the level of detail with which the Stateflow object name displays the report.

    • Object name

    • Object name with Stateflow path

    • Object name with Simulink and Stateflow path

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