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State Transition Matrix

Inserts state transition matrix contents into report


This component inserts the contents of state transition matrices into a report. A state transition matrix is an alternative view of a state transition table. In the state transition matrix, you can easily see how the state transition table reacts to each condition and event.


  • Title

    • No title (default): Report uses no title for the state transition matrix.

    • Use Stateflow name: For the title in the report, uses the names of the State Transition Table blocks from which the state transition matrices are generated.

    • Custom: In the text field, specify a custom name for the state transition matrix.

  • Display condition actions on matrix: Include the state transition matrix condition actions. A condition action is an action that executes as soon as a condition evaluates to true. The condition action is part of a transition label.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, inserts state transition matrices and optionally, condition actions.