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Generate System Design Description Reports

Generate a system design description report to create a standard report of your model from the Simulink® Editor. The System Design Description report provides summary or detailed information about a system design represented by a model.

When you generate the report, you can specify layout and content options for:

  • Title page contents

  • Report content

  • Report file format and storage location


For faster report generation, set File format to one of the from template options. For example, select Direct PDF (from template) to output to PDF.

  1. Open the model or subsystem for which you want to generate a report. The model must compile without error for the report to generate.

  2. On the Modeling tab, in the Design section, click System Design Report.

  3. In the Design Description dialog box, specify layout and content options for the report. To display detailed information about each option, right-click the label and select What's This.

  4. Click Generate.

To create a customized version of the report, click Customize Content. This option creates a copy of the report setup file and opens the copy in the Report Explorer. See Customize System Design Descriptions.

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